Managed Network Security

Routing & Switching

Using the best Enterprise Class network hardwares

Managed IDS/IPS

Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems

Powered by Acropolis Artificial Intelligent

Botnet inspection

AAA Server




Managed Load Balancing

- Cloud-based load balancer cluster

- Distribute the load between the servers

- Prevent your servers to become accessible through the internet

Managed Firewall

- Filter the traffic to your server using our enterprise firewall cluster

- Protect your server from thousands of network threats

VPN (Client-to-site)

- Most Secure Tunnel from your workstation to your servers

- AES 256 bit encryption

CloudFlare WAF Protection

- DDoS Mitigation
- Web Application Firewall
- Cloud-based CDN

VPN (Site-to-Site)

- Most Secure Tunnel from your office to your servers

- Firewall to Firewall

- AES 256 bit encryption